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Walbro 255 LPH GSS342 Intank Fuel Pump



The Walbro 255 LPH GSS342 high output in-tank electric fuel pumps are available in flow ratings of 255 liters of fuel per hour. These particular pumps flow significantly more fuel at higher pressure than standard-pressure versions. For example, at 80 PSI the standard 255 lph pump will flow around 132 liters (35 gallons) per hour. At that same 80 PSI the equivalent HP (high pressure) fuel pump will flow over 210 liters (50 gallons) per hour.

Walbro in-tank electric fuel pumps utilize a proven gerotor design. The outside dimensions, however, are compact enough to fit existing hanger assemblies, without modification. Coverage includes most popular Acura and Honda, and many other Import applications.


Fuel: FLEX (E85 Ethanol Safe)

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Weight550 g


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